Zigi Ben-Haim’s Exhibition was Reviewed at Cultbytes

The exhibition “Forever With Us" by Zigi Ben-Haim takes place at Hezi Cohen Gallery

In a new exhibition at the Hezi Cohen Gallery in Tel-Aviv, Zigi Ben-Haim aims to change how we relate to time, the natural environment, and our own precarity. Entitled “Forever With Us,” the exhibition’s multimedia floral portraits speak to his own experience grappling with artistic creation in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The coronavirus has accentuated our existence between life and death,” Ben-Haim says about the objective of the exhibition. “One object represents both ends. It begins and completes the circle of life.” The object at the center of “Forever With Us” is flowers. Entering the exhibit, where these works are organized across spacious walls, one has a sense of awakening from a bad dream into a more vivid and palpable reality”.


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Zigi Ben-Haim’s Exhibition was Reviewed at Cultbytes

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