Yoav Brener Creates a Mural in South Tel Aviv

As a contributor to the “Love Art, Need Art” event in Tel-Aviv, artist Yoav Brener created a mural as a direct reaction to our government’s handling of the covid-19 crisis and the thoughtless restrictions which were brought down on the art and culture worlds.
The work Soddom and Gomorrah (Oil paint on concrete) is located in 126 Herzl Street, Tel Aviv.
Brener: “We live in historically important times, or so I believe. Everything changes and transforms. Chaos and uncertainty are common both outside and in, inside people’s hearts. Changes and challenges are present everywhere, this is not the world we all used to know.
I believe in our potential, I believe in our ability to make our society more safe and just. For us, and for future generations”.
This act was sponsored by EXLAB, New art performances in the public domain by The Lab –
Sharon Toval.
Yoav Brener Creates a Mural in South Tel Aviv