New CD Release by Emanuela Battigelli – Le ninfee (The Water Lilies)

“But water is never alone, it creates a double landscape («gliding along the reflection / of a double landscape, rowing through both») and the sky mirrors itself in it. Thus, this music matches the movements of the air to the ones of the water and feels like breeze and wind.

A tenacity of giving oneself entirely dresses these liquid and airy sounds with a fabric, a firm weft, a destiny worked on the harp loom” (Simone Dubrovic).

These are the words Simone Dubrovic uses to introduce the CD Le ninfee (The Water Lilies) by harpist Emanuela Battigelli, which the label Artesuono will release on December 9th. This collection of pieces for solo harp includes important first recordings of composers such as Ivan Fedele, Guido Guerrini and Leon Schidlowsky, in addition to a piece by Emanuela Battigelli herself and compositions from different ages and styles, from Schumann to The Doors and Robert Maxwell.

Battigelli offers a rich kaleidoscope of sounds capable of stressing different musical textures and qualities of the instrument – enhanced by the recording mastery of Stefano Amerio, award-winning sound engineer in demand among the most important international musicians – with depth and variety comparable to the ones of an orchestra.

The disc includes music by Battigelli, Satoh, Schumann, Daquin, Guerrini, Farkas, Schidlowsky, Fedele, The Doors and Maxwell.


1 Emanuela Battigelli Le ninfee * / **

2 Somei Satoh Shun-Shu-Ka (Lament for Spring)

3-5 Robert Schumann / Alphonse Hasselmans

In der Fremde – Die Lotusblume – Der Nussbaum

6 Robert Schumann (trascr. Emanuela Battigelli) Vogel als Prophet

7 Louis-Claude Daquin / Luigi Maria Magistretti Le Coucou

8-10 Guido Guerrini Le suore – tre bozzetti per arpa *

La passeggiata nel chiostro – Pettegolezzo in refettorio – Nostalgie di Novizze

11 Ferenc Farkas Old Hungarian Melodies

12 Leon Schidlowsky Prelude for Harp *

13-18 Ivan Fedele Gstaad Variationen *

19 The Doors (arr. Emanuela Battigelli) Riders on the Storm *

20 Robert Maxwell Ebb Tide

total playing time 71:24

Inspired by the poem by Daniel Mark Epstein (from the book Dall’alba al crepuscolo – Poesie 1967-2014, Raffaelli Editore, Rimini 2020)

the cost of the CD is 15 Euros. Please order it using the contact form of Emanuela Battigelli’s website

New CD Release by Emanuela Battigelli – Le ninfee (The Water Lilies)