Liat Segal and Yasmine Meroz Send ‘Impossible Object’ to Space

Artist Liat Segal and Physicist Yasmine Meroz will be sending their art piece titled ‘Impossible Object’ to the International Space Station, currently with a planned launch date of April third.



‘Impossible Object’ is a sculpture made of liquid water. The liquid’s three-dimensional form does not get its shape from any vessel and as such cannot exist on earth, but only in outer space in the absence of gravity. The sculpture is built as a composition of brass rods and tubes, through which water flows. With no gravitation to direct the water downwards, the water adheres to the sculpture’s metal structure, forming a dynamic three-dimensional liquid composition, shaped by the water’s surface tension and its tendency to cling to the structure due to adhesion forces.


‘Impossible Object’, a research-based artwork, where micro-gravity physics is the medium, will be activated and documented by the Israeli astronaut Eitan Stibe during his upcoming space mission. Axiom Mission 1 (Ax-1) is the first private astronaut mission on the International Space Station (ISS). The mission is a collaborative effort between SpaceX (shuttle) on behalf of Axiom Space in cooperation with NASA, in which four crew members will conduct science, art and outreach activities.


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Liat Segal and Yasmine Meroz Send ‘Impossible Object’ to Space

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