Triptych Men in Reykjavík Fringe Festival

Triptych Men in Reykjavík Fringe Festival

Guy Zach, Eran Lachman, and Sagi Tal perform the Sabotal Theater's production in Iceland

A show of Sabotal Theater
Award-winning, hilarious, and moving physical-theater show combining acrobatic and dance with true stories that change at every performance. Three performers will try to compete with each other in a competition with no winners. They'll make you laugh and might even make you cry.

Director: Gal Sabo
Performers: Shachaf Berger, Eran Lachman, Sagi Tal
Costume Design: Tamar Zaidman
Light Design: Alon Bar

Sunday 26 June 17:00
Monday 27 June 20:00

תאריך ושעה

Jun 26, 2022

הוספה ליומן


Iðnó Main
Reykjavik, Iceland