The Weight of the Temporary
אמנות ועיצוב

The Weight of the Temporary

A group exhibition Opening Reception on Friday, August 9th 6-8 pm - Opening Reception

The Weight of the Temporary brings together the work of 25 artists with different perspectives, disciplines, and interests in an effort to explore human adaptation both to and through changing conditions, and living through the heaviness of a moment.

While speaking with the artists in preparation for this exhibition, we often discussed ideas of consumption, the earth getting warmer, relationships with family and loved ones, childhood experiences, traditions, womanhood, feminisms, death, even religion and its contemporary value, and the ways in which we all cope and unfold in our world(s). Whether it is a thought, a landscape, a home, a memory, an exchange, a movement, or just our attention, the momentary aspect of things and events connects us all
in impactful ways.

Curated by Elisa Gutiérrez Eriksen


תאריך ושעה

Dec 10, 2023
12:00 AM (UTC+0)

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