TEARS by Ronit Keret: Art Project in Venice

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    אפריל 23, 2022 – נובמבר 27, 2022
    Palazzo Mora
    Strada Nova, 3659
    Venice, Italy

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    TEARS by Ronit Keret, a site-specific installation, curated by Vera Pilpoul

    Personal Structures 2022 – Reflections. Palazzo Mora, Venice, Italy

    TEARS is a special project by Ronit Keret. The project address the relations between humans and nature, and the catastrophic ecological crises that affect all of us on this planet.

    TEARS will run from March 21 to November 27 at Palazzo Mora, Venice, during the entire period of the Venice Art Biennale.
    Curator: Vera Pilpoul.
    Keret is a multidisciplinary artist whose work in the past decade has focused on ecological crises that are primarily caused by the massive impact of human activity. These crises include melting glaciers and global flooding, along with severe droughts and a lack of drinking water for millions of people throughout the world. The catastrophic phenomena are liable to force millions of climate refugees to leave their homes. TEARS, a site-specific installation, is made of thousands of pieces of Styrofoam that Keret sculpted from discarded Styrofoam packaging she collected from the streets of Israel. Styrofoam is a symbol of our “use and discards” culture. Paradoxically, its whiteness and shine do not reflect the fact that it is a non-biodegradable material that does not contribute to ecological equilibrium. From this material, Keret creates her giant glaciers – which shout out the existential threat to the spectacular glaciers that are so crucial to the equilibrium in nature.

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