Rotem Reshef in ‘Art Has a Scent’ Group Exhibition
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Rotem Reshef in ‘Art Has a Scent’ Group Exhibition

Rotem Reshef's new installation Unraveling Earth will open at Hachava Gallery in Holon, Israel

Rotem Reshef's new installation 'Unraveling Earth' will open in mid-October at Hachava Gallery in Holon, Israel. This site-specific outdoor/indoor creation is part of the group exhibition “Art has a Scent” (Curators: Doron Polak and Prof. Yehuda Rot.).

“Art has a Scent“ explores the connections and relations between visuals and fragrances.

Reshef's large-scale project 'Unraveling Earth' incorporates a painting-installation inside an empty shipping container, while utilizing landscaping, ecological restoration, public art and action painting, all in relation to the environment and to the arousal of the senses.

The exhibition will be on view for a duration of six months.

Participating artists - Dani Karavan, Benni Efrat, Hannan Abu-Hussein, Zvika Kantor, Nir Hod, Yaakov Hefetz, among others.

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Dec 09, 2023
12:00 AM (UTC+0)

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