Ras El Hanout’s Matos Single Launch at OZEN TLV

Ras El Hanout’s Matos Single Launch at OZEN TLV

Following the release of the new track Matos, Ras El Hanout celebrates the occasion with a first show in Tel Aviv, at the well-known club OZEN.

Ras El Hanout is an instrumental project that involves Turkish culture with the western modern music. The band members musical background is varied, oriented by different genres, ranging from Middle Eastern music, Arabic and Turkish music which fuses with Jazz, Pop and even Hip- Hop.
The original concept was formed by Elad Cohen (Nahfa), Turkish music clarinetist who specializes in the art of the Ottoman Makam.
Joining the Jazz and Arabo-Andalusian music artist Joshua Levi (AKA Abu Josh), the two founded the band together with three other musicians: Matan Deri (drums), Bar Geva (bass) and Eitam Ben Ya’akov (baglama).

The main ideal behind the music is to recreate the settings from the streets of Istanbul on top of the western culture. Thus generating a unique sound made by acoustic and electronic instruments becoming a show full of groove and instrumental experience.

Ras El Hanout brings a festive show full of energy, rhythm and most of all an artistic show to be remembered.

Elad Cohen - Clarinet | Joshua Levi - Keyboards and synths | Matan Deri - Drums | Bar Geva - Bass Guitar | Eitam Ben Ya’akov - Saz Baglama

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תאריך ושעה

Sep 07, 2022
09:30 PM (UTC+3)

הוספה ליומן


Tel Aviv, ישראל

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