Pretty Perv International Art Exhibition with Michal Avrech
אמנות ועיצוב

Pretty Perv International Art Exhibition with Michal Avrech

An international art exhibition in Milan, Italy

A simple and satisfying act of resistance, a mechanism that attacks proper knowledge to overturn the dictates of the relationship. The perverse thinking. Perversion as a modification of instinctive tendencies, abandonment of the faith, of the orthodox, of the normal.

Interruption of innocence before its own fulfillment. A melancholy and intoxicating state that through the work of art declares a siege inviting pure aesthetic contemplation. The beauty, the subjectivity of the supreme kind of values. The resolution of conflict and disturbance, order and decorum. At the same time, the conflict, the turmoil, the chaos and the indecent. Perverse is the beauty at the time of the super-present, sparkling and elusive that forces the user to pure contemplation as an indefinable means of enjoyment. An emotional composition, made of delicate gestures and graceful bodies that join the wind for the tribal dance of the new day. An ecstatic shock that transforms us, the perverse thought as an experience. Aesthetic event that leads to the reflection of ideal primitiveness

תאריך ושעה

Sep 28, 2022, 04:00 PM
Oct 04, 2022, 04:00 PM
Times in UTC+2

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M.A.D.S. Gallery
Milan, Italy

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