POWER – Ethan Amram’s Solo Exhibition
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POWER – Ethan Amram’s Solo Exhibition

Ethan Amram will present his work in a solo exhibition in Tel-Aviv's Sissy Gallery. Amram, a 21-year-old soldier, born in Paris, immigrated to Israel in 2008. He experienced difficulties in hiding the differences between the new mentality and culture. In order to overcome the feelings of distance and alienation, he found refuge in the work and expressed his desires and complexity of life on canvas, which became the days of fulfillment of a dream and first steps in his artistic path.

Ethan's pop art paintings are expressive and characterized by intense and strong colors. Ethan paints in large formats, focusing on facial expressions and figures that are a kind of mirror and reflection for the soul.

Due to his young age, Ethan are at the beginning of his career and has already acquired many fans whose style and special expression found a way into their hearts. The works are reminiscent of graffiti paintings. Ethan is ahead of his time in a series that combines rifle bullets as a reminder that today he is a creative soldier and artist.

The works have a strong and mesmerizing presence, capture the viewer and lead him captivated by the charms of color and the dizzying brushstrokes on the canvas. With phosphorescent touches Amram gives his personal interpretation to familiar icons, his paintings are masculine, full of expression, but he would beautify reality.

"They asked me to write a text based on the question - why are you drawing this? A banal question, but the answer raises very interesting historical and philosophical points. I think the answer to the question below is at the end of the question. It is the question mark," says Ethan. Is there a need for an answer that should explain free interpretation? Is it really possible to say a correct answer when it comes to an interpretation of art? In addition, the artist has no ownership of his work. "Free, soul by various factors such as culture, religion, and the color that surrounds us on a daily basis. All this creates for us a look that is only ours."

We will end with Grigory Sokolov's sentence: "Music is not professional, but life. Interpretation is not a ten-minute, ten-day or month-long work. It is the product of everything in life."

Visiting hours at the gallery: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 11am - 6pm.  Friday: 11am - 2pm.

The artist on Facebook: Ethan Amram - ART

Instagram: @amram_painter

Ethan Amram website-  www.ethanamram.com

youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzvnhoka8FBAXUBRwDF4Jkg

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Mar 04, 2024
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