Hora by Ohad Naharin

Hora by Ohad Naharin

"Hora" by acclaimed choreographer and AICF grant recipient Ohad Naharin's performed in Lyon

An exceptional dancer and choreographer, master of Israeli dance, Ohad Naharin has made the Batsheva Dance Company one of the largest contemporary dance companies in the world. An innovative artist, he revolutionized the choreographic language with his “Gaga” technique, the result of an exploration of movement that develops the sensations and imagination of the body to endlessly invent new gestures. Hora, a cult piece created in 2009, draws on the very essence of the “Gaga” vocabulary and offers raw and sharp writing. Wrapped in splendid lights, the dancers are propelled in an endless quest for the limits of movement. They transcend dance with daring and energy, expressing through duets and large ensembles, loneliness, solidarity, madness or provocation. Sublimated by music whose arrangements are inspired by Star Wars, 2001, the Space Odyssey or Wagner and Debussy, Ohad Naharin’s dance is a symphony of liberated gestures that give life to a work as brilliant as confusing.

תאריך ושעה

May 31, 2021
08:30 PM (UTC+0)

הוספה ליומן


Maison de la Danse
Lyon, צרפת

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