Book Launching in Jerusalem – “The Sad Years”

Book Launching in Jerusalem – “The Sad Years”

Red wine in her hand, wearing her heart on the sleeve - the iconoclastic writer and singer/songwriter Hadara will open heartedly talk with the audience about her new book, "The Sad Years", and about everything you're scared to ask (no taboo excused).

"Hadara's new book "The Sad Years" overflows with hyper-active passion. It's crushing, chilling, incisive, funny, perspicacious, mesmerizing... a punch in the face" (Yaron Fried, Ma'ariv, 2022)

"Brilliant, insanely talented, on the verge of genius" (Aliza Ziegler, author and former chief editor of Am Oved publisher)

Tablet Magzine (2009):
Jpost interview (2019) :

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Sep 06, 2022
08:30 PM (UTC+3)

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