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Tali Ohaion:

Director, Writer & Co-producer

Jury at - Montagro - Bar T.V and films festival 2015
Photographer of the late Ronit Alkabetz - In 2004 in Paris, some scenes were included in the film "Black Notebooks" directed by Shlomi Elkabetz - Festival Cannes 2021.

Director, Producer - Documentary Films

2021 Pre-production of a scientific and spiritual film about the Pineal gland and the Luz bone. Research directing and producing.

2019: started to direct and produce a new documentary film "Ester Cinema as a mirror to Tzina Dizengof square". Co-producer- Dani Goldshmit and Shaul Shertzer.

2018- Direct and produced documentary film: Father`s path.
Makor Fundations for Isreli films. Cinematec Tel-Aviv, Cinematec Jerusalem, Sderot Cinematec. World exclusive distributor ADLER AND ASSOCIATES ENTERTAINMENT INC. AFM 2020. Cinando -2021

2017- Wrote and going to direct feature Drama film: "When the hinds do calve". Co-producer Schaul Schertzer, Coproduction Thaleia productions France. Supported by Gesher fund. Participated in Pitch in the Israeli Pavilion in Cannes film`s festival 2017. participated in the Jerusalem Internationa film festival - Pitchpoint Competition 2017

2013 Wrote, directed and produced the documentary film "Lea Koneig`s Loves" the film is about actress Lea Koenig, her total devotion to her profession and her love for her late husband Zvi Stopler. Supported by the Makor Foundation, Habima, channel 1 broadcast. Epos art international films festivals,

2010 Directed and produced ten promotional films about Israel for the Ministry of Tourism, broadcast on the International Fashion Channel.

2008 Wrote and directed the documentary film "The Burdensome Stone" produced by Talia Inspiration Ltd. and Scala Studios Ltd. Co-produced by Ruth Dauni, Amir Gedalia, Yaniv Hamama, Oren Sela. Participated in the Jerusalem International Jewish Film Festival, 2008; Bar International TV and Film Festival Bar, Montenegro, 2010. Screened in all the Cinematheques in Israel – Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Sderot, Rosh Pina and on Israel Channel 1 and channel 20. Support by the Rabinowitz Foundation. The film was screened in the Jewish community in Cannes France -on Jerusalem Day 2017.

2006 Directed items on Mabat Sheni – Israel Channel 1 News

2005 Directed and wrote documentary film "Dunkel's Last Film" for Channel 8. The film was made with the support of the Rabinowitz Foundation and the New Israel Fund. (Screened at the Jerusalem Film Festival 2005; Nanook Film Festival, Palermo, Sicily 2005; Bar International TV and Film Festival

2005, Montenegro; Frankfurt Jewish Community; Haifa Cinematheque, Tel Aviv Cinematheque. {Brodcasts in channel 20' and History channel as well}

2005 Directed short documentary films for a film series about Jewish personages for Tel-Ad TV, produced by Tapuz Productions – Micha Shagrir.

2002 Wrote, directed and produced the documentary film "Absurd Under War" – a personal journey investigating the developing arts under war conditions in Yugoslavia and Israel. The film was screened at the Belgrade Documentary Film Festival, March 2003; The Yugoslavian Film Festival at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, March 2003; The Israel Film Festival – Belgrade/Novi Sad/Nish, Oct. 2003; Bar International TV and Film Festival, Montenegro, 2003; and was broadcast on Israel Channel 2. (Received grant from the Second Broadcast Authority – the Brosh Fund, the Snunit Fund).

Casting Director

2001 Casting for full-length feature film "God's Sandbox" written and produced by Yoav Halevy, directed by Doron Eran.

2001 Directed and produced the making-of of the full-length feature film "God's Sandbox" written and produced by Yoav Halevy, directed by Doron Eran. Broadcast on the Israeli Movie Channel (Yes). Supplements: "Coffee", "Cream", "Golden Life." Wrote for Cherry Magazine

2003 Casting for the full-length movie "To Take A Wife", a French-Israeli co-production written and directed by Ronit Elkabetz and Shlomi Elkabetz, produced by Mark Rosenbaum, Transpex Productions.

2003 Wrote the original theater play "Under the Water Level" – the script received a development grant from the Rabinowitz Foundation and a grant from Mifal HaPayis.

2004 Casting full-length movie – " Go, live, and be" a French co-production, directed by Radu Michaelnu, produced by Tranfax- Marek Rozenbaum.

2006 Casting (main characters) for the full-length film "Summer Vacation" written and directed by David Wallach, produced by Eyal Shirai.

2020 Daniel. director David Volach. producer Eyal Shiray - Golden Cinema.


2020-2021- Complimentary studies for M.A- Cognition and Science of the Brain. Ben Gurion University

2008-2010 Ben Gurion University – . studies for M.A of the Jewish People {didn`t complete writing the thesis}

2004-2007 Tel Aviv University – Complimentary studies for M.A. in Jewish Philosophy

2007 Study of Kabbalah in Torah orthodox institutions:

2004 Film studies at Tel Aviv University – Cinematic Expression

1992-1996 Tel Aviv University, B.A. in Theater Arts (Writing and Directing) – B.A.: French Language and Literature (plus Teaching Credential in French)

Skipper of speedboat {7 meters and 160 Horsepower}

Additional Films

Father`s Path

A Mystical/Historical/Political Documentary Film
Producers: Talia inspiration LTD & Amir Gedalia
Director : Tali Ohaion

Nablus Chaos world Temple Mount where it all began Hebron- Cave Hamachpela fifteen stairways to Heaven
Beit-EL – Luz The city of God
Beer-Sheva - well of Abraham Bina
The Genesis of humanity took place on the father`s path- We believe that Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sara, Izik and Rivka, Jakob and Lea, are buried in the Cave of the Machpela in Hebron
"The Way of the Patriarchs" encapsulates the early history of the Jewish people and the connection of the Jews to the Land of Israel.
For the man is the tree of the field
The film will tell of the Jewish people's historical connection to the sites along the Way of the Patriarchs, of the meaning of the sites according to Kabbalah, and thus the nationalist-Jewish importance of holding onto them.

The film reveals a voice of the Palestinian street – people who want to be under Jewish Israeli sovereign.[1]

"The three-stranded cord is not soon severed" (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

"The three-stranded cord is not soon severed" (Ecclesiastes 4:12). According to the esoteric interpretation, this verse refers to three holy sites: the Burdensome Stone {Beit – El}, the Cave of Machpelah, and Joseph's Tomb. These are places the Jewish claim to which was bought in full money and they are chakras to the Upper World; the places where the Upper and Lower Worlds meet.

The film deals with the story of our Biblical ancestors, following the Way of the Patriarchs from Elon Moreh - Nablus, Abraham's arrival in Israel (Parashat Lech L'cha - Genesis Ch. 12), Beth El, the Temple Mount-Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Boaz' Field, Hebron and Beersheba - the Highway 60 route.

Now for public screening. Please join together in the community {Culture Hall according to the safety rules of covi-19} or at home, during the holidays... and enjoy the film.

Tali Ohaion


Tel Aviv, ישראל

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