Naama Alex Levy

    My work has been featured in magazines such as: Vice, I Love You, Fashionisto, Interview, Dossier Journal, Vagazine, The Unlimited, Flofferz, Time Out

    Exhibitions in: Miami (Currently at Scope Miami. Dec 2014) , Berlin, Tel Aviv, France,

    "Photographer Naama has the kind of artistic instinct that sets her well above her years. Her compositions showcase her exciting and idiosyncratic take on life and all its beauty – and to a great effect as the colours and whimsy of her creativity take hold of the picture and transport it into a work of art.
    Having featured in magazines like Vice, Time Out and I love u magazine – amongst endless others – Naama’s work is under high demand and you can understand why when you browse through her huge collection of work, each piece perfectly coloured and composed. There is a vibrancy in her work, a sense of total unity in a chaos of mismatched colours and patterns – she never shies away from impact, she embraces the bright, the bold and never compromises on her image. Occasionally awkward, often confronting and always stunning , this is photography at it’s best." By Francesca Kletz for


    Artist Photo Gallery