About tAi Ni kuP

tAi Ni kuP started to play and create music 8 years ago, when he bought his first guitar from a second hand shop, on the border between Thailand and Myanmar, just as he set out on a two year trip in East Asia.

After touring a bit around Israel with a band, at the end of 2021, and busking in Berlin during the summer of 2022, he was persuaded by his tiny and very lovely audience, to record some of his songs.

Currently, with the same old Japanese guitar that he got on that trip, he is recording his first album called 'FATHER' to be released this year with the help of the young producer Jaan Hanston from Belgium. 

The album is mostly inspired by his father’s coping with early onset Alzheimer's, and his own coping with taking care of his father.

An additional two albums are in the works. 

Thank you for reading.

tAi Ni kuP


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