About Israel Sasha Demidov

Israel Demidov was born in Tashkent, the former Soviet Union. He received an engineering degree he went to study theatre at the School of acting and directing Bgiti’s Moscow. Upon graduation, he was invited to the act in Maicovsky Theater.

In 1990 he immigrated to Israel and ever since he has been working in the “bridge” theater. Among his roles are Alfred B “Rosenkranz and Guildenstern are Dead,” Michel Dreyfus Trial,” Louis the 14th B”moliir,” Myshkin B”haydiot,” Klein Adam Resurrected” closet “down” Tartuffe B”trtif,” Yossi Village,’ Alfred Angel, Solomonz `Magic Tartakovsky and Crank City cripple” “Odessa Stories,” Froseorob Adria Srgiibitz ‘Three Sisters’ Portovo Sergei Srigiitz, “Commissioner Isadore Sea” and Mr. Brink presenting “Mr. Brink.”

He participate in programs and television series such as “Florentine”, “thunder cats” Municipality Lenore, “Hello Pearl” Zvika Size, “Sfisiva King George.” Cinema roles include “Saint Carla,””Yana’s Friends,” “Scar” life Bizglo, “seven,” as well as Commercials.

In 1994, while performing in Manchester, he has been selected by the press as the best guest actor in the production, for his role in “The Idiot.”

Israel Sasha Demidov

Film, תיאטרון

Tel Aviv, ישראל