About Hallel Rosenberg

Hallel Rosenberg was born and raised in Jerusalem. He has been working independently out of Jerusalem for almost a decade - creating original content inspired by his life in Jerusalem - from Music videos to short films.

After finishing film school at Hasifa College in Ramat Hasharon, Hallel began working in the film industry.

Now, after almost a decade of hands-on experience, Hallel has gained knowledge of many different fields within the visual arts: Cinema, Fashion, Commercials, Television and even Theater. He has experience in different aspects of the industry from lighting, camera work and editing, to writing, producing and directing.

Over the years Hallel directed a few short films as an artistic venue. Commercially, he produced and wrote varied web content for organizations and individuals alike.

He has worked with many different local, ecological and social change organizations in order to create a better sustainable and fair urban environment.

Hallel Rosenberg


Jerusalem, ישראל

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