אמנות ועיצוב

About Ganit Orian

Born and raised in Israel. She served in the intelligence of the Israeli army as a translator and researcher of languages and electronics. She started studying in medical school, but left for the arts. She has 2 BA in psychology and the arts. She graduated 4 years of studying cinematography (directing and screen-writing) and still photography. Worked as a producer in Israel's biggest newspaper and as a photojournalist. Exhibited photographs and video art works in several individual and group exhibitions.

Ganit wrote 2 children's books. She founded artists' cooperative. She worked as councilor for psychology programs, specializing in learning disabilities. Ganit is involved in 2 features productions: "The embryo who came in from the cold" - animated feature and "Beam me up, Sasha!" Israeli comedy, which will be the first feature film of the new Israeli Northern cinema and TV fund.

Ganit Orian

Film, אמנות ועיצוב
Animation, Documentary, Narrative

Haifa, ישראל

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