About Ayal Tsubery

Ayal Tsubery is an Israeli bassist and composer living and working in New York. Through his music, Ayal artfully weaves together simplicity and sophistication, well-planned arrangements and spontaneous improvisation. He creates hard grooving and exciting music that remains communicative even in its most intense moments.

Born in 1983 in Jerusalem, one of the most culturally diverse places on the globe, Ayal inherited the love for music from his accordionist father from a very early age. After taking piano lessons as a child, he picked up the electric bass at the age of 14 and hasn’t put it down since.
Studying privately and constantly playing in bands and projects of all kinds, Ayal kept refining his craft and exploring new musical territories deepening in the genres of Jazz and contemporary music.

At the age of 23 after receiving a scholarship for academic studies, Ayal moved to Boston and began his studies at Berklee College of music. Throughout his studies Ayal focused on Jazz performance on electric and acoustic bass, arranging and composing music, and was fortunate to study with teachers like Ed Tomassi, Hal Crook, Oscar Stagnaro, and Allan Mallet.

During his time at Berklee, Ayal formed and currently leads an international group of musicians that play his original compositions. The group’s sound features a fine blend of electric and acoustic elements rooted in Jazz traditions, World music and Rock ‘n Roll. The compositions themselves are based on strong and sophisticated rhythmic foundations that support rich harmonies and simple lyrical melodies.

Recently Ayal recorded his debut album called Decisions which is currently on its very final production stage and will be out soon.

In addition to his own group, Ayal is a member of the Brooklyn based Balkan music band, Tipsy Oxcart, and plays as a sideman with several other artists.

Ayal Tsubery

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